Review – After Dead by Charlaine Harris

Title: After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse

Author: Charlaine Harris

Star Rating: * *

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Cover - After Dead

After Dead was a very strange and unfulfilling follow up to the Sookie Stackhouse universe. Harris writes short (often only a sentence or two long) notes on what happened to the different characters after book 13. However, many of the included characters are minor, forgettable people that readers probably don’t really care about, and several of the more popular characters suffered through very unfortunate lives. Not to suggest that events like heart attacks or divorces don’t happen, but for readers, it is really unpleasant to have your last look at a series be tainted by unhappy events that did not have the benefit of build-up or denouement.

I finished After Dead without feeling as if it had added positively to my experience of the series. If Harris was going to write something like this, I would have preferred to see longer stories about the main characters with more than just tiny hints about significant events in their lives.

I also expect that Harris may be teasing readers with future possible stories (involving Barry, Quinn, other people listed as having adventures that were unspecified), and this was annoying. After all, if we never get these stories, then some of the more interesting characters were left unexplored.

In any case, this is a book for only the most diehard of fans. It’s very short, takes under a half hour to read, and is oddly melancholy.


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