Top Ten Tuesdays – Sequels I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On

This week’s list is making me just SO excited for 2014! Thanks the Broke and the Bookish for hosting. Now onto my list of books, in no particular order, that I absolutely MUST get my hands on as soon as they are out


 1.      Symbiote (Parasitology #2) – Mira Grant

Parasite came out just the other week, and I was through it in less than 24 hours. Now I have to wait another 12 months before I get to see the fallout for poor Sal? This is going to be torture! Book one was all about how our protagonist was slowly waking up to the terrible things happening around and to her, so I am very much looking forward to seeing whether Sal starts to take a bit more initiative in her life. Plus, at this point, no one has any clue as to who the “bad guy” is so readers are in for a wild ride when it comes to finding out what is really going on with these tape worms.

2.      Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3) – Marissa Meyer

 Cover - Cress

I stumbled across Cinder when it was first released and it was love at first sight. A fairy-tale retelling with great female characters in a sci-fi setting is a book that seems written specifically for my interests, and neither Cinder nor Scarlet have disappointed. In Cress, we are going to be introduced to another new lead character, and I am looking forward to seeing the perspective of someone closer to the Lunars, and of a Rapunzel locked inside a satellite with only computers for company.

3.      Ruins (Partials #3) – Dan Wells

 Cover - Ruins

Partials was an impulse buy last year that restarted my love for YA dystopias. I blew through both it and Fragments in a couple days and sighed in happy sci-fi bliss. The books remind me of Battlestar Galactica as if it was written for teens, and the plot raises some difficult and interesting ethical questions. I was pleased to see that Wells managed to make the “AI goes rogue” storyline fresh and fun again, and now I’m curious to see how it all ends, and if humans and partials can learn to work together to save each other!

4.      Locke and Key 6: Omega and Alpha – Joe Hill

 Cover - Locke and Key 6

I devoured the first five volumes of Locke and Key when I discovered the series this fall, and I am fortunate that the last volume is coming out early this winter because I need to know what happens to the Locke kids, and whether Dodge succeeds in using the Omega key! Further, what happens to the keys even if the kids win, and is it even possible for Joe Hill to write a happy ending in a horror series?

5.      The Worlds We Make (Fallen World #3)– Megan Crewe

Cover - The Worlds We Make

The Fallen World series is not the best YA dystopia/post-apocalyptic series that I have read, but it happens in Canada! I have a special fondness for Canadian novels, particularly when they randomly appear in my favourite genre. Additionally, I am very curious to see how Kaelyn manages to get herself to the CDC in the middle of winter, and what’s going to happen to her infected loved ones now that the vaccine isn’t going to help them.

6.      John Wayne Cleaver 4 – Dan Wells

Wells appears for the second time on my list! The fourth installment of the John Cleaver series isn’t anything more than an idea yet, but Wells has mentioned that he wants to write it, and that’s good enough for me to start twitching in anticipation! I really appreciated how the Cleaver series has grown and matured with each novel, and the end of book three sets the story up to take some very interesting new directions that I am really excited to see play out. John has a new partner, and that partner has some very useful knowledge to add…

 7.      Independent Study (The Testing #2) – Joelle Charbonneau

 Cover - Independent Study

The Testing was a surprise hit for me. I read the back synopsis and was very interested by the idea of a world where the government tests for its best workers in a Hunger Games-style manner, but not too impressed by the emphasis on relationships and love. However, I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the romance was actually only a sub-plot that added to the story rather than distracted. Further, the end impressed me as Cia didn’t magically avoid being used and manipulated by the government testing agents. I look forward to seeing how her struggles play out in Independent Study now that so much has been taken away from her.

8.      Extinction Point: Revelations – Paul Antony Jones

I reviewed the first two installments of Extinction Point on my blog, and it’s a series that has grown on me as it has progressed. At the end of book 2, Emily has made it all the way across the country with her dog and a little girl, but the alien transformation of her world is progressing rapidly, and it’s pretty clear that almost all of the human race has been wiped out. I am really excited to see what happens in this final installment, including whether Emily will survive, and why was she saved in the first place?

9.      I Robot: To _____ (Book #3) – Mickey Zucker Reichert

The I Robot prequels by Reichert are exceptionally controversial in the Asimov fandom, but they make me a happy reader. It is true that they certainly don’t fit perfectly into canon, but I prefer to think of them as possible prequels, written with current understandings of science rather than Asimov’s 1950s perspectives. The stories themselves have been fun medical/sci-fi thrillers, and they have fleshed out one of Asimov’s most famous characters: Susan Calvin. In the second book, Calvin’s life was changed dramatically, and it seems as if some of the secrets that have been kept from her are finally going to be revealed. Now I’m waiting impatiently for the third book to see what the fallout of losing the people closest to her will be, and whether we will finally find out why Calvin switched to robot psychology.

10.  The Shadow Cabinet (Shades of London #3) – Maureen Johnson

Coincidentally, this is an addition to my list that arises out of a book I finished today! In Shades of London, Rory can see ghosts. In the first book, she helps solve the mystery of an undead Jack the Ripper copycat, and in its sequel, she discovers that her powers have changed, making her a very important tool for a variety of people who want to use her for their own means. According to the author, these first two books were meant to be a prequel to the end of the series, so The Shadow Cabinet is meant to open the world up, showing readers that there is more than just the tiny office of Shades that deal with sad ghosts in the Tube. With the twist at the end of The Madness Underneath, the wait is going to be excruciating!

11.  The Sandman Overture – Neil Gaiman

Cover - Sandman Overture

This last addition is a bonus since technically issue one already came out. The Sandman original series has been finished for 20 years, and the graphic novel fandom just about died when Gaiman announced a prequel last year. Add in the fact that JH Williams is doing the art, and I am pretty sure that this is a series that will not fail to deliver. The Sandman is easily one of the best modern graphic novels, and the chance to return to this world with a fresh story as an older and more observant reader sends chills down my spine in anticipation. I cannot wait to see where this collection is going to go!


13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays – Sequels I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On

    • I definitely recommend Partials/Fragments/Ruins. Wells takes a pretty common plot and makes it exciting again! And if you get into it now, you won’t have long a wait for the last book! Bonus 😀

  1. The Lunar Chronicles is a series I have been meaning to start for so long now. I keep hearing such amazing things and they keep being recommended to me. Finally have Cinder and Scarlet sitting on my bookshelf, now just need to find the time to read them. Great list. My TTT.

  2. I’ve heard great things about Partials. Maybe it’s time to pick it up. The winner today, though, is Cress and the Lunar Chronicles. I’ve seen it on many lists.

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