Top Ten Tuesdays – Bookish Things I Am Thankful For

Thanks again to the Broke and the Bookish for hosting!

1.      Independent Book Stores

 Independent - Book Warehouse Vancouver

Independent books stores are the best book stores! While it is true that I can get really good deals on Amazon or at Chapters/Indigo, there are hidden costs to my savings. Indie stores help keep my money local, and they are always happy to order obscure books that I want. Furthermore, I’ve never had to fight my way through Christmas tree and pillow displays just to see the shelves in a non-conglomerate.

2.      Book Review Blogosphere


I stumbled across the book review blogosphere this summer, and it’s a discovery that has made me immensely happy. I love the community, and the fact that I can share and learn about books and stories with people who love reading as much I do!

3.      Online Academic Databases

 Academic Databases - Heinonline

I love physical books and libraries (see points 7 and 9), but I don’t want to imagine a world without online academic databases. Filled with thousands upon thousands of journal articles and books, these tools have saved me countless hours of research time, and have allowed me to not spend most of my twenties locked in dank university libraries with bad lighting and 1970s carpets.

4.      Cheerful, Involved Authors

 Cheerful Authors - Marissa Meyer

While there are always going to be authors who behave badly, I wanted to give a shout out to all those authors who work so hard at interacting with their fans in a positive manner. I do appreciate all of the effort that these writers put into not only producing books that I want to read, but blogs, contests, tweets, and everything else they come up with. The photo above is of Merissa Mayer, the author of the Lunar Chronicles. She’s always so cheerful with her fans, and she makes the book fandom a very fun place to be! Thanks!

5.      Comic Book Stores

 The Comic Book Shoppe Ottawa

I am a proud geek, and visiting a great comic book store is something that can make me instantly happy. For example, the Comic Book Shoppe in Ottawa is perfect. They stock all sorts of singles, trades, and assorted geekery, and I almost never left without something new for my shelves. Comic book stores carry all sorts of graphic novels that more traditional stores often don’t have room for, and many stores will host community events where you can meet up with your fellow comic book lovers.

6.      Reading on my Commute

 Reading on the Bus

After a recent move, I’ve had to get used to a hefty commute. Fortunately, my bus route is basically a straight line, so I’ve been able to dedicate big chucks of time to just enjoying a good book without the unfortunate feelings of motion sickness.

7.      Bookshelves and Hard Copy Books


There are six, massive, double and triple stacked bookshelves in my house, and piles of books anywhere else there is room. I may have an e-reader, but hard copy books are my real love. Books are beautiful, and they tell a story about the people who own them. In the future when I finally finish my ridiculous number of degrees and take my place among the employed folk of the world, I want a house that is lined with bookshelves.

8.      Beautiful Art Books

 Beautiful Art Books

My partner is also a book lover, but his favoured genre is art books. He’s amassed a gorgeous collection of books filled with amazing art and photography, and I find that one can spend a very pleasant afternoon flipping through these types of volumes.

9.      Libraries


Libraries are absolutely essential for a healthy community as they are hubs of information sharing and activities. They are often beautiful spaces, filled possibilities and opportunities.

The photo above is of the library at the Parliament of Canada. I once worked for this institution, and the best part of my job was being able to just sit and admire this wonderful space filled with every type of reading material imaginable.

 10. Reading Books in Cafés

 Cafe and Books

There is nothing better than curling up with a good book and a yummy drink at a cute café, particularly if it is raining.


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