Buried Under a Pile of Books and Work

Hello there blog readers! I just wanted to say that I am not dead; I am just buried under a pile of non-book related work that is scary and large because I succumbed to the flu for a week. Reviews, lists, and other book-related rambles will be back soon when I get past some deadlines. In the meantime, here’s a scary photo of my to-read pile from a few weeks ago. I’ve gone through a few of them, but then replaced all of them and more at my local book store (discount programs are bad for my wallet!), and I obviously don’t have photos of all the e-books I’ve got stored on my Kobo.


What’s on the agenda for when I get back?:

– A new type of post on Nostalgic Re-Reads! Starting with Goosebumps by R.L. Stine.

– Reviews for Netgalley ARCs: Nepture Noir and Wonder Woman Unbound!

– In-depth reviews for Unravelling (don’t bother), Shadows Cast by Stars (read this now!), and Wonder Woman: Guts (loathed entirely).


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