Top Ten (Belated) Tuesdays – Popular Authors I Will Never Read

I’ve been busy lately, but I also enjoy procrastinating and there’s only so much of my thesis that I can write before I start to twitch. So here’s a belated top ten list for the week of March 4th. (Thanks for hosting, The Broke and the Bookish!)

Cover Collage for Authors I Have Not Read (edit)

1. John Green – I’m a genre fiction person. I don’t read a lot of contemporary, but despite this, people are always trying to get me to read books by John Green. It’s not going to happen. Even the famous one about sick people in love because as heartwarming as it may be, I’m just not a fan of those types of stories. Call me when he writes about sick kids in space.

 2. Stephenie Meyer – Okay, this one was a gimmie. First of all, I’m not all that fond of paranormal romances, and I’m a hardcore feminist who doesn’t have much patience for books with abusive relationships. Plus the Twilight series doesn’t even seem bad enough to read for the lulz, and The Host’s description seems pretty dull, even though it’s a sci-fi. So alas, this particular iconic author gets a pass from me.

3. Sheryl Sandberg – Sandberg wrote the infamous Lean-In book. Despite being a feminist and a person very much interested in women in the public sphere, I will probably never read it. I’m not fond of this woman’s politics, and I think the whole lean-in movement is a privileged mess of nonsense that overstates its utility. I’ve got too many other good things to get through to waste my time!

4. Jane Austen – I love to read, but I rarely ever touch the classics. I know that, as a woman, I am supposed to love Austen, but unless she comes back from the dead and writes a dystopia, I’m just not very interested.

5. Lauren Oliver – I see this name EVERYWHERE in the YA book sphere, but I’ve never actually been all that drawn to her novels. Possibly because her major work is about love, and YA romances often end up being full of insta-infatuation and ridiculousness. That and Panic is getting pretty mixed reviews right now so I just am not all that enthused.

6. George RR Martin – Like Green, everyone and their dog, parakeet, and seventh cousin has recommended the Game of Thrones series to me because I like politics and strong women. I don’t, however, like high medieval fantasy. Nothing against the genre, we’ve just never had a great relationship. So the thought of tackling these giant books, even if Martin seems like a pretty cool author with great ideas, just doesn’t appeal.

7. JRR Tolkien – So as I mentioned, I don’t particularly love high medieval fantasy, and Tolkien is how I found this out. I had seen the movies, and then everyone suggested I give the novels a shot. Except I didn’t like the movies all that much, and the books were even longer and more detailed than the extended edition DVDs. Despite the fact that I love intricate world-building, I just can’t seem to get into this particular genre. Sorry, Tolkien!

8. PC Cast – When I was getting back into YA literature, I searched around for some of the big name series that were on offer, and the House of Night books popped up everywhere. When I looked into their summaries, however, they didn’t seem to come together into a cohesive or interesting story that I wanted to read. Plus the author has had moments of bad behaviour with fans, so I decided to skip this paranormal stack of bleh for something else.

9. Ally Condie – Condie was supposed to be one of the next big names in YA literature, but her Matched series always seemed a bit ridiculous in concept to me (and perhaps too derivative of The Giver). So I picked up one of the seven million other dystopias on offer right now.

10. Sarah Dressen – All I know about Sarah Dressen is that she pops up on review blogs all the time for writing fluffy contemporary fiction books about love. Most people I’ve seen talking about her rave about her novels, but both contemporary and romance are genres that often make me want to tear my eyes out.


One thought on “Top Ten (Belated) Tuesdays – Popular Authors I Will Never Read

  1. I’ve read Fault In Our Stars and while it’s good I still don’t really see what the hype is all about and I actually really like contemporary! Also, I totally agree about Stephenie Meyer and Sarah Dessen! I read the first Matched book and thought it was boring and pointless and haven’t since read anything by Ally Condie. I really like Lauren Oliver but you are right about the insta love in Delirium it’s definitely there but I don’t think it’s quite as bad as a lot of books, I’m actually currently in the middle of reading Panic and I’m enjoying it so far! Great list!

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