Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Fictional Characters

My life is all about writing papers until I die (or get to the end of April, whatever comes first), and I find myself missing my blog. So when Reading with a Vengeance posted the following list meme, I thought it would be a fun thing to try in a short break between methodologies and case samples.

MLP Twilight Annoyed Gif

1. So, have you ever heard of a concept called polyamory?

2. I know it’s hard, but could you try to get along at least reasonable well with others, particularly those of your gender?

3. Just because you think or say something does not mean that this is a fact.

4. I know your current society sucks and all, but could you please put some thought into what the goals of your revolution are before you throw yourself into a morass of rebellion and fighting?

5. Not all adults are completely thoughtless and incapable of understanding you.

6. Seriously, have you thought about just dating several people at once? I hear threesomes are fun!

7. Plans are good. Please don’t make huge life altering decisions on the basis of a whim. Again.

8. Just because someone is telling you that you are awesome and destined for greatness, does not actually mean that they are telling the truth. People lie! They manipulate others! This includes you!

9. Stop being so self-indulgent in your own pain. Yes, sometimes life sucks, but figure out a way to move forward and change the suck! Also, perspective. It’s important.

10. Okay, I promise I’ll stop bringing this up after this, but here’s a copy of “The Ethical Slut”. I can give you more resources, but please give this whole non-normative relationship format a chance because I can’t live through one more love triangle whine fest.


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