Springtime Blogging Renewal (In other words, I finished winter semester!)

It feels like it’s been forever since I was able to update my blog. My graduate studies have been eating up my time, and while I have been reading, I’ve been writing so many papers that the idea of opening a word processing program to write anything else was nauseating. However, I have finished another semester, turned in a heap of papers, and am now back to normal workloads! Thus, it is time to return to reviewing, and attempt to catch up on my massive backlog!

Since I don’t have anything written to post just yet, I will share a photo of my rather frightening to-read pile. Having so many bookstores in my area is a terrible idea for someone like me!

Pile'o'Books May 2014

Not included in this pile are the additions that I have made to my Peter S. Beagle collection. Aside from Tamsin and The Last Unicorn copies, everything here was picked up and signed by Beagle himself at a screening of The Last Unicorn movie. I will be posting something about Beagle and my favourites of his pieces, but suffice to say, he is one of my favourite authors, and I highly recommend that everyone give his books a shot!

Pile of Peter S Beagle

Upcoming Reviews

–          Nostalgic Re-Reads: Goosebumps – I haven’t forgotten these!

–          Mini-Reviews – The Fables Spin-offs (helping you sort through this massive series)

–          Series Reviews – Killer Unicorns by Diana Peterfreund (everything you could want in a YA and more!) and InCryptid by Seanan McGuire (hilarious urban fantasy!)

–          Reviews – Dorothy Must Die (meh), The One (still pretty terrible), Extinction Point: Revelations (frustrating)


2 thoughts on “Springtime Blogging Renewal (In other words, I finished winter semester!)

  1. I’m halfway through The Last Unicorn and it is so fabulous, I can’t even believe I’d never read any of his books before. Now I will definitely check these out, and The Last Unicorn movie. Thanks! 🙂

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