Review – Lazarus Volume 1 by Greg Rucka

Title: Lazarus

Author: Greg Rucka (Author), Michael Lark (Illustrator)

Star Rating: * * *

Genre: Graphic Novel, Dystopia, Sci-fi

NOTE: This review is based off an advance copy of this book from Net-Galley.

Cover - Lazarus 1


Forever started her day by dying. Her enemies, however, didn’t realise that Lazaruses don’t stay dead for long. In a world controlled by a small number of families, the Carlyles created Forever to be their protector by altering her body to become a perfect fighting machine that can rejuvenate itself even when critically injured.

When war is about to be declared on the Carlyles by another family, their Lazarus is sent to arrange a peace treaty with them. The discussions end well, but Forever is betrayed by a family member who tries to kill her before she can deliver this news. After surviving the attack, she is left with the question of who can she trust in this crumbling world?

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Review – Wonder Woman: Mission’s End by Greg Rucka

Title: Wonder Women: Mission’s End

Editor: Greg Rucka

Star Rating: * * * *

Genre: Graphic Novel, Superhero

Cover - Wonder Woman Mission's End


Wonder Woman, the superhero, the diplomat, and the princess of an entire culture, comes face-to-face with the conflicts inherent in her many roles in Mission’s End. Her task has been to bring a message of peace and diplomacy to the world outside of Themyscira, but this work has been complicated by the fact that she spends so much of her time defending Earth from terrifying threats. When a new villain arises who is able to control Superman and use him as a weapon, Wonder Woman determines that the only way to protect the planet is to kill this enemy. However, she faces extreme backlash from both her fellow heroes, as well as the civilian population of Earth. How can someone supposedly devoted to peace bypass all systems of justice and act in such a vigilante manner? On the other hand, was there any other rational choice?

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