The Reviewer: All About Maggie

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My name is Maggie Gordon, and this is my e-home for ramblings on books and stories. I already blog on social justice issues, but after I realised that I spend an incredibly large amount of time discussing fiction and writing with a good friend of mine, I figured that I might as well have fun in the book review blogosphere as well!

I am a legal professional by trade, so I spent a lot of time reading academic writing and engaging in critical analysis that is designed to break your brain. This lens of experience influences how I approach my free time reading, and I tend to focus on things like world building or social construction in novels. I always apply social justice perspectives to what I read, and I question how authors choose to construct their work. While no author is responsible for making the world a better place, I like to ask questions about how a piece can both negatively and positively influence society, and how it could have been written better.

Aside from legal tomes, I read a lot of science and speculative fiction, urban fantasy, dystopias, and some horror, be they in adult, young adult, or graphic novel form. I also spend a lot of time going through social justice-related non-fiction, and there is a special place on my reading list for graphic memoirs. There is very little that I will not read, though I do not have much love in my heart for pure romances or generic fiction novels. If something looks interesting, I will give it a shot and see how far my interest takes me. You can get a good idea of what sorts of things I like by reading this blog or browsing through my GoodReads account.


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