Review – Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones

Title: Extinction Point

Authors: Paul Antony Jones

Star Rating: * *

Genre: Dystopia, Sci-fi/Science Thriller

Cover - Extinction Point 1 Cover - Extinction Point 2


One day the sky started raining red water. The next day almost everyone in the world was dead. In New York, Emily Baxter survives for unexplained reasons, a lone person in a city that formerly held millions. She discovers that a small team of scientists is alive in Alaska, far out of the reach of the red rain, and decides to take the long journey to join them. However, as she tries to escape the city, she learns that the red rain brought far more than death to the Earth. Using the corpses of humanity, this alien presence has begun to terraform the planet into a strange new place with terrifying creatures and red forests.

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